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Why is it necessary to study reviews about the Chumba casino before playing?

Global statistics show that in most cases, even if a player starts with free chips, sooner or later he will switch to real money. Therefore, we believe that it is extremely important to read the reviews about the casino Chumba before playing.

Online casinos
are a highly competitive niche where new casinos appear every day, creating an endless field of choice for players from different countries. On the Internet, you can always find many review sites that cover certain gambling projects. But the truth is that almost all of them are bribe and they put in their rating those casinos that pay the highest amount. This is the main source of income for such reviewers - advertising.

Only a small part of the players know about this and blindly trust the meaningless "stars" and beautiful marketing tricks of these pseudo casino experts. Imagine that one reviewer contains several hundred different gambling projects, thousands of reviews about different online casinos. Do you think you can trust such a site?
Our answer is - hardly.
There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. Online casinos change their conditions, payment methods, bonus systems and providers almost every month and it is not possible to keep track of several hundred sites, therefore the quality of reviews suffers.
  2. Most of the reviews of supposedly real players collected on such sites are copied and not checked by webmasters for authenticity, again due to the massiveness.
  3. Basically, the owners of such sites are advanced webmasters and not professionals in the world of online gambling, so it is important to check the history of filling such projects, for example, in a web archive. If you notice that ratings and reviews change frequently, that's not good.
That is why our project came into being. We are launching in 2021 and having studied the market, we decided to take one of the most trendy online casinos and focus on reviewing it - Chumba Casino
Reviews of real players who tried their luck at the Chumba Casino
Chumba deactivated my account after purchasing a package, so I didn't get to play the sweeps. Reason for deactivation was I had chargebacks initiated due to them trying to debit my account instead of credit. They constantly replied back with show proof from my back. Provided proof on bank letterhead that I didn't have any chargebacks and now they won't respond now that I have shown them that I did not have any open chargebacks. Can't get a response once I follow up on the ticket I submitted, but I will get responses when I create new tickets only for them tell me to refer back to the other ticket. They would not refund me for the sweeps purchase also. It is all so frustrating when I went out my way to get proof from the banks.
Jay W (Location: US)
Review added on March 03, 2021
I have been a user of Chumba for awhile. I loved it and always got exceptional service. However, I have had an open ticket with their customer service now for 20 days with zero updates on the ticket. I haven't asked for acomplete resolution, I have only asked for an update on the issue. There is a Clause in their terms and conditions that states they will reply in 10 days and if more time is needed they will notify you of that within the 10 days that more time is needed. I have received no correspondence at all despite many attempts to get an update.
Sara (Location: US)
Review added on March 01, 2021
The last time I was playing I had a few nice wins. I started with 100 and was up to 500. I did loose it back but thats part of the game. My only advice to other players is to take your time and cash out when you can. If I could follow my own advice that would be great. Anyway, have fun.
Brian Grant (Location: US)
Review added on February 28, 2021
Chumba casino meets and exceeds all expectation as a online gaming platform, that is my option as a 5 year running player. Chumba goes above and beyond giving away loyalty free play, social competition prizes, weekly newsletter prizes, daily login bonus and more. If you haven't tried them out yet try them, if you take it for what it is (an online gaming platform) you will have wins and loses but the entertainment value they bring to the table is phenomenal.

Within reason judge a company on what they provide, of course in any gaming situation there are loses so take most of the negative reviews with a grain of salt. Only play what you can afford to lose.

I am an avid gambler and have been for 14 years, my top 5 wins ever (including land based and online) have all been on Chumba casino.
Dustin Robinson (Location: US)
Review added on February 27, 2021
I have been playing Chumba for a little over a year and have been verified since the first week. I have had dozen of redemptions into the same bank acct go as planned, in 3 business days at the most. My most recent request to redeem $450 has been pending now since Feb 17, I have asked for an explanation to the delay and just get the copy and pasted response from customer support. In my transaction history on THEIR site it still shows as "pending" even though in their customer support emails they have said that the redemption has been processed?

Chumba Casino has handled this in bad faith and I will no longer be using the site. I have to know the company I am doing business with is ethical and that I can trust they will payout winnings within their own guidelines in a timely manner. As of today posting this I have still have not been paid and told just be patient.
Greg Muenzmay (Location: US)
Review added on February 25, 2021
Chumba is awesome! Yesterday was my day, I always win but I never redeem and yesterday when I won $ 3900 I redeemed for the first time, I played the newest game I bet at $ 2.50 and on the third game I had free games and the roulette came, I hit the minor. I'm happy, I hope you really pay me, I'm waiting
Sara Lima (Location: US)
Review added on February 25, 2021
It's a hit or miss. Bet high win high
David Stacy (Location: US)
Review added on February 23, 2021
My experiences with Chumba has been enormously awesome! Super FUN games and Huge kine winnings. Mahalo Chumba🤙🏽
E Edayan (Location: US)
Review added on February 21, 2021
Good morning,
I love chumba casino. I love going to the Casino. So when that was taken away. I looked for an alternative. I found Chumba. I have had wins and losses and that comes with the territory. You have plenty of ways to make it fun as well. Holiday games, trivia ect. Chumba was a godsend for me. Having fun doing what I love was a great distraction. I'm a lifer. JeffD
Jeffrey (Location: US)
Review added on February 19, 2021
There are always new games being introduced and the games have multiple different bonus rounds that are fun and exciting with great chances to win from. The free sweeps cash is a nice bonus but it is not given as often as they could to keep the players coming here instead of another site
Kristina Bounds (Location: US)
Review added on February 15, 2021
As always, top notch service!
Dustin Earley (Location: US)
Review added on February 14, 2021
My experience with Chumba is fantastic. I love the big wins you would get.. The thrill and excitement is mind blowing. I have recommended Chumba to all my friends and family and would love to advertise because I believe in the company.
I sit back and enjoy playing in the comfort of my own home.
Beth (Location: US)
Review added on February 11, 2021
Greatest online casino best games gr8 payouts love love love it
George (Location: US)
Review added on February 11, 2021
Chumba used to be fun but lately less free sweeps and I spend quite a bit of money and don't get a whole lot back it seems
Alec (Location: US)
Review added on February 10, 2021
Chumba's definitely legit! Awsome staff and easiest redemption process out of any site I've came across so far. Lots of different style slots and games and a ton of promos and contests along with every now and then the pleasant surprise of free sweeps cash!
Dave (Location: US)
Review added on February 10, 2021
I absolutely love Chumba Casino. Their customer service is above and beyond. My winnings are deposited into my account quick after approval. I would recommend Chumba Casino to everyone. You will love it!!
R Pinson (Location: US)
Review added on February 9, 2021
Great place to play your online casino slot! Safe and secure and most convenient!
Alberto (Location: US)
Review added on February 8, 2021
I have been playing at Chumba Casino for the past year. I truly dont understand all the complaints and negative remarks individual's post. The first day I played at chumba I won 435.00 ! At this time i didnt know about the sweep coins so i finally put it all back. Not the casinos fault it was mine for not educating myself prior to playing. A week later I played again and hit over a weeks time frame a total of around 6 grand. I have never ever had any problem what's so ever with this casino paying me. After my verification went through they deposited the winnings asap in to my bank account. It has never taken more than three days to show in my bank. I will always play at this casino there customer service is out of this world. As soon as I email them about any question I'm concerned about they respond usually within 24 hrs. I'm 57 years old and always seem to have great luck on my side one thing I have learned if you are playing to earn money you probably should stop.If your playing because it's fun and you truly enjoy gambling your odds are more in your side .At least with me it's that way. And my win s keep coming as of the current date.So hat's off to all of chumba casino employees awesome job well done❣❣💯💯😍😍
C Baca
Connie (Location: US)
Review added on February 8, 2021
I would like to make a update to my prior post. I think my chumba acct. Issue I was having could have been my fault .. Either way there Support crew went Way Overboard to help me rectify the problem !! I received the major jackpot I hit along with the other ones hit after that time. I am having a BLAST on this site and making some spending money too !!!

THANK YOU Chumba Support !
Mark (Location: US)
Review added on February 5, 2021
I've had trouble with verifying my account and redeeming and I've not gotten any successful help
Deraysha (Location: US)
Review added on February 4, 2021
I'm. Here to say this really works I have been playing since nov last year I have won atleast twintyfive hundred overtheses past few months and i am one very happy camper just a few weeks ago iwon eleven hundred in one spin thank u chum a
Trina (Location: US)
Review added on February 2, 2021
I love chumba I won 8K and had to verify bank/ account. But after that when u get verified u can redeem quickly from what ive heard so far I'm just waiting now for processing. So delighted cant wait to receive my winnings. I'll be playing again soon .thanks chumba casino u guys totally rock
Jessica (Location: US)
Review added on February 1, 2021
I love Chumba Casino so much. Chumba is the best online casino. It can be played anywhere anytime and prize redemptions are quick and easy. They have amazing bonuses via email. They have fun little games and perks that allow you to win free sweeps coins.
Cindy (Location: US)
Review added on February 1, 2021
best online casino to play,and the staff is always there if needed.i love the games at chumba because you have a large variety of games to play.Chumba is the best! Jim Powrzanas
Jim (Location: US)
Review added on January 29, 2021
Haven't had any issues with any part of my experience with Chumba every thing is outlined so if you take the time to read you will not be let down.
Daniel (Location: US)
Review added on January 25, 2021
Wins are definitely above average to other Casinos. I got up to $7000 twice & over a $1000 a few times. I do believe that it feels as if this casino is tight and rigged at times, but no more so then a Saucify or RTG casino. Also when you collect your due wins & you worked hard to win them it's nice to know Chumba doesn't put their fingers in the cash out process and charge ridiculous fees for processing at other Casinos they take $$$ away from your winnings and it's no cheap amount anywhere from $50- $150 now that's frickin raping, stealing money just call it thievery. Chumba is as fair as anyone out there. All my winnings have been processed to my bank account within 96 hrs. Average time period 48-72 hrs.
David (Location: US)
Review added on January 23, 2021
I have played Chumba about 2 years, I have won as much as 1800 and played it back, however last week I won over 7k and tried to redeem 4k, my issue is they sent me the Chumba Debit Card I always had trouble activating it so I could not redeem, my bank account was verified but they claim my bank rejected the wire, I did not get a email, it was a pop up saying use another form of redemption. so I have sent in another bank info and was finally able to activate the Chumba Debit Card, now I am waiting in limbo because no one can be reached by phone, I sent 2 request thru the support email for assistance, with no response. Were is the Money!!!
Ornetta (Location: US)
Review added on January 21, 2021
I am not a big gambler, but I love going to the casino in my den. I have won as high as $1200 staring with .50 on the Stallions(my favorite game. I have not had any problems with my redemptions and I also love the gift certificate option when you don't get $100.I have several of those.
Chumba is a great fit for me
Danice (Location: US)
Review added on January 20, 2021
I decided to write a review since many people think this is a fake site. It is very legit I've been on it for a while now. I've lost a lot but I won a lot as well. With every win there's always some kind of loss. You're going to take some kind of hit that's for sure. But I've won as much as $6,000 and currently I just withdrew $800 more. I hope that helps for those that are unsure of this site.
Perryman (Location: US)
Review added on January 15, 2021
This game is super fun,wish they would put more effort into taking care of loyal players who spend a bunch of money but still a great game with decent payouts definitely way better then luckyland and the other slot games
Justin (Location: US)
Review added on January 13, 2021
I absolutely love playing Chumba. It is such a fun site. Love when I get to win. Lol. I highly suggest it!
Deana (Location: US)
Review added on January 10, 2021
I am a veteran online slot player. I have many on line casino accounts overseas. This one account in particular (name not worth mentioning) I have hit the Millionaires club That means i have spun a million dollars worth of spins , I have faithfully every weekend deposited to this casino just to be disappointed and I was already sickened seeing the same people every week winning thousands and thousands of dollars, I should be sitting pretty, instead 8,000$ since 2012. I had seen Chumba on Facebook and very discouraged and cashless from overseas casinos I had saved a few sweep coins for a week and won like $300, I gambled that back but my favorite slot is the Goreela slot! Won a nice 500 Jackpot that I'm waiting for now. my verification was done in a few days even with a huge mistake on my part, but none the less it was worked out in a timely fashion. The thing I like best is there is no dreaded wagering, I recommend Chumba casino! Does anyone know what Chumba means?
Genelle Duran (Location: US)
Review added on January 9, 2021
Since the beginning of lockdown my wife and I have played on-line slots. It seems to us that payouts are in line with the machines in my state. We have both had wins and enjoy Chumba slots regularly.
DeeBee (Location: US)
Review added on January 5, 2021
I love chumba because they are not like the other online casinos. Chumba gives you 1.00 dollar everyday you can claim to try to earn witch is awesome cause of that chance of helping people who may need a good winning. Also I love how there customer service is. If you need there help no matter how busy or how long it will take them to get to you an help fix whatever you may need they let you know that they haven't forgotten about you and they are working on getting to your file as fast as they can. They are awesome to play take care of there players an always has new ways to win.
Crystal (Location: US)
Review added on January 4, 2021
Chumba Casino is one of the best online casinos ever played. It's full of much fun and excitement! Many surprises awaits for everyone as well as many fun and educational trivia to win and play for free at Chumba Casino! Love it!!
Laura (Location: US)
Review added on January 1, 2021
I recommend Chumba Casino to all that love playing poker slots and so much more and real money.Also you get free gold coins. On e a day to play...You don't get that anywhere else But Here at Chumba Casino. And if you have any questions Chumba assistance are there to assist you. ASAP. We'll my friends im going back to my game I left it on autospin...LOL good luck...
Hildebrando (Location: US)
Review added on January 1, 2021
I got one of my roommates to try out Chumba. She was going to verify her account for redeeming but I advised her to wait. The reason being is because CHUMBA gives Majors and Grands to people who haven't verified. They do this because they know people create multiple accounts and use the same address. They see that there are multiple accounts at the address but the most recent one isn't verified to redeem yet. This is to confiscate the money. So My roommate heeded my warning.... The first week of her playing she got a $5000 major coin on 'Reelin'' and Rockin'. To their surprise she presented the proper docs and her cashout was approved. Chumba Emailed her about a week after her money hit her account about $80 that was returned. Not sure what they were talking about I assisted her in checking her account. The account they said no money came from. She took and provided screenshots of the money being taken out and never returning to the account. She even called her bank and they said the money was taken by CHUMBA. They put her account into collections and closed her CHUMBA account. They don't really want you to win.
Andre (Location: US)
Review added on December 30, 2020
STILL waiting for a response from Chumba .. been 2 days and i have not received one. Of course i am requiring about withdrawal so of course they are not answering me. They say 24/7 support however if that was the case it should not be taking this long to get some kind of response from them .. Will update this review once i receive some kind of response from them. This is my first time playing/ cashing out don't know if i will be playing with them again
Valerie (Location: US)
Review added on December 30, 2020
Hello I just wanna know how I can cash out my balance and it's really really frustrating can I please get assistance redeeming my money
Kory (Location: US)
Review added on December 27, 2020
I was very excited about this game and every time I won free spins it kicked me off and when I logged back in they were gone. This is not right. I lost free spins every time I won them.
Tarra (Location: US)
Review added on December 25, 2020
Chumba is okay. Honestly no real big wins on them especially this year. Have yet to experience any real line ups on the slots like on the little videos where they showing big and epic hits. They're payouts are pretty fast but sometimes does take a moment. Lately it has taken Customer Service a little longer to response due to a lot of people emails and probably sign ups. I do enjoy their slots but I am also looking for something a little better. Maybe one where I can get the actual experience of some real big or epic wins. They get only 3 stars because it seems that the great wins come when you play on gold coins. But when you play on sweeps there not that great. And also it makes you work hard for free spins and when you finally get them they are not really worth the trouble. No real wins when it comes to the free spins mostly duds. I love their .50 cents slots but no real hits or big hits when it come to them either. They say luck which is partially true but also it seems as if there set as well. But other than that they are great when you first start playing but then it's mostly losing but you do have them nights that may just pop. If you ask me I miss the real Casino I have actually won 3,000 and 4,000 down there. Haven't came close with these guys you will be lucky to break a 100 dollar hit with them. Just being honest. But good luck to everyone, everybody has different experiences so hopefully yours is better.
Victoria (Location: US)
Review added on December 23, 2020
Games are mostly fun. Some are just money collectors. I used to get a free 100 sweep coins from time to time. My family and I all play and usually all receive it. As of late I haven't got anything. Its disheartening when they tell me they got 100 sweep coins or 10 or 30 and 8 get nothing. I used to think it was based on how much you've put in. I play about an average of 100 to 150 dollars a week. But haven't received any free gifts when they do. Please inform me how the selection for free sweeps is determined? Thank you. Other than that... I do pretty good.
Roeuth (Location: US)
Review added on December 21, 2020
What is the reason there's no contact number? Email been taking forever to be answered. "24/7" customer support but reps only reply around midnight? Crazy.
Ian De Leon (Location: US)
Review added on December 21, 2020
Just as another user shared, they used the bait and switch on me, too. On 5/27, Chumba's free Sweeps Coin policy was 500 free Sweeps Coins for sending in an envelope with some information hand written on it which I did on 5/28. I followed all the instructions exactly. I waited for a month, and during that time, they sat on my request, and then changed their policy to only offer 5 Sweeps Coins. On 6/27, I received an email stating that they had "experienced some delays in post" and only credited me 5 Sweeps Coins. They are free to change their policy, but they should honor the offer in place as of the date of my request which would be 500 Sweeps Coins, not 5 Sweeps Coins. Another issue I have experienced is that it seems the slots were very "loose" and the payouts were much larger in my first 30 days, and now something has changed. I get way less scatter bonuses, and when I do get them, the payouts are much lower than they used to be. I can confirm that they pay out when you win, but beware if you continue to use the site after 30 days because your "luck" will change. I am very disappointed as I thought this was a legit site, but I had a friend that experience the exact same thing I did so I know it's not just me.
Michelle (Location: US)
Review added on December 19, 2020
I went to cash out my winnings and they now don't allow multiple cashouts anymore?
It is hard to win so when I do I want to cash out at least what I invested but now thats not very likely?
Chumba thinks they are the greatest but I have come to the conclusion a walk in Casino is still best. You have control of your money, you can cash out anytime you like and when you like and even in this time we live in it's not being glued to your phone playing against a rigged system.
I won a few good times but since then a win is like squeezing blood out of a turnip.
Chumpa sucks anymore. Chumba your gonna lose your people once they realize what you've done.
Marta (Location: US)
Review added on December 15, 2020
Three stars because I like to play slots, like the daily log-in bonus. They are missing out on 5 stars because sadly they are not consistent or fair on offers and promotions. You have to spend a ton of $$ to get free play or promotions.
Paula (Location: US)
Review added on December 11, 2020
At least some of you guys actually win enough to redeem. I can never make it to $100.00 to cash out. The games tease you up to a certain number and then nothing. I use to play on Lucky Red online site but the games at Chumba are much better. But at least I won $700.00 on Luck Red. Maybe one day I'll get to know and comment on the redeem process. I usually play $20.00 at a time. Maybe I should increase to at least a $100.00
Reggle (Location: US)
Review added on December 11, 2020
I hit for the grand jackpot on western gold!!!!!! ($316,524.72)But my phone froze up as soon as the reel stopped on it!!! (I have a screenshot) i waited for the big hoorah and congratulations but only thing my phone did was go back to my game it never showed my win!! Hopefully this gets resolved soon because i really love playing chumba and i have refered a lot of people and we all would be very disappointed if this win is not honored!! And i will especially look like a fool because i told all these people that this was a good slots game!!!! I am currently working with customer service ( I WILL UPDATE WHEN I GET A FINAL OUTCOME)
Ladyk (Location: US)
Review added on December 10, 2020
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Chumba casino features

Here is more information. Be sure to check it out to decide whether to become a casino Chumba player
Mobile friendly
Casino perfectly adapted for mobile devices
Accept US players
The casino is perfect for being convenient for players from the USA or Canada
Social casino
The trick of this casino is that it maintains friendly and open relationships within its community, offering the opportunity for players to interact with each other inside the casino
Deposit Methods
American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Paysafe Card, ACH
Withdrawal Methods
Bank Wire Transfer, Skrill
Withdrawal Times
  • EWallets: 3-5 days
  • Card Payments: Not offered
  • Bank Transfers: 3-5 days
  • Cheques: Not offered
  • Pending Time: 3-5 days
2 By 2 Gaming, Genii, ReelPlay, Merkur Gaming, Revolver Gaming
Casino Type
Instant Play, Mobile
Manual Flushing
US dollars
Malta Gaming Authority
VGW Malta Limited
Support Telephone: +35699088901

Support Email: [email protected]

Chumba casino complaints

chumba casino complaints
You can ban me from your twitter site for speaking my mind but I will say it on here do you think it's fair to the people spending thousands on your site and you send $10 or$50 once in a while for free or ask to enter a raffle to see if you get 1/2 off$50 it takes$100 to$1000 to win on your site and getting Free spins is a joke The New and improved chumba means hard to get free plays and winning anything good I will make a suggestion to all players out there start recording your Play on these sites just in case I used to play on absolute poker and we know how they ended up
William Frost (Location: US)
Review added on March 4, 2021
I have been playing for months now. Dropping thousands into this site. I have yet to hit a major like so many, also seems like the same people hit the big ones. When you write them they always wanna say its a random generator and they have no control over who hits and who does not hit, which is a lie. If that was true you would not need to go through such a strict verification process and you could have more than one account. This is not a casino it is a sweepstakes and they control who hits and who does not hit. Thats why you can only have 1 account. The reels are very clichy and if your doing good all of a sudden it kicks you off the site, then when you log back in, you lose it all. Some games you never get spins and when you do they pay you nothing. I have had enough and want to let others know, dont believe the good reviews or go online to Facebook and join the groups there. There all lying, probably fake accounts to make you think you can win big on there. But trust me you cannot. I am very disappointed and ashamed to say that I even gave them so much money under such false pretenses. It could really be a fun place to play if it was fair and let all win, not just the fake accounts that post on here. And dont even bother trying to contact anyone, it takes days to get a response and of course its always gonna be you fault, even when you get kicked off the site. I am taking my money elsewhere. Try other sites also. They are excellent and they respond within an hour when you contact them. Bye Chumba. Won't be getting anymore of my money to pay your fake accounts.
Tatiana Vee (Location: US)
Review added on March 2, 2021
If I could leave less than 1 star I would. They suspended my account due to suspicious activity, according to them. If someone was doing something shady with my identity then I get it but I kept sending my verification to the links that they wanted and they kept wanting more when I did nothing wrong in the 1st place. I sent all documents they asked for with no apologies for the inconvenience and then they discontinued my account. Worst customer service I have ever had in my life.
Andrew (Location: US)
Review added on March 1, 2021
If this casino spent less time trying to fake its reputation online and more time actually answering people's questions and concerns it may be good. Instead, it takes longer than it should to receive a comment back from support. I've also never seen an online casino work as hard and pay as much for fake reviews, comments, etc. It's extremely astonishing. Can you win at this casino? Sometimes. The RTP is extremely low and not actually 92% as they post on their website. Their RNG also is not randomly generating numbers. You can cross-check these with many sites online.
Cade (Location: US)
Review added on March 1, 2021
I do not advise anyone to put their money in Chumba Casino.
Playing with coins, fortunately, the machine began to give me great prizes and automatically blocked. If so with coins I don't want to think with real money.
Roberto (Location: US)
Review added on February 25, 2021
All I can say is this is one of the biggest rip offs. I know several people that will never play with Chumba again. But at the end of the day, they have to live with ripping people off. Karma will catch up with them.
Melody (Location: US)
Review added on February 23, 2021
Scam!! Scam!! Scam!!! Chamba casino is the worst online casino if you want to throw away your hard earned money just flush it down the toilet. Thats what its like to play Chamba casino
Luis (Location: US)
Review added on February 23, 2021
I did an exhaustive review based on probabilities of RNG. This casino is most definitely rigged. Thankfully I spent no money to find this out because I refuse to drop money on a rigged game. These people are blatantly and in a huge way screwing people over . Play at your own risk but realize that there is no way you will win at this site. The people giving positive reviews are almost certainly shills for the casino. When the computer/dealer gets 21 for seven hands in a row by blackjack and one more by a 7 card 21 it is pretty obvious.
Neal (Location: US)
Review added on February 21, 2021
I play on my iPhone. When I receive a notification, the system frequently will automatically change the bet to max bet. And before I realize it I have $200 less when I was only betting .50. There are SO MANY people that can verify this has happened to them. It happened to me twice in one week. The first they refunded. But the second they won't because they say I accidentally hit max bet. When I know I never did. And if that was the case why would hundreds of other people have the exact same story? I will be escalating this as it is completely unacceptable.
Christa (Location: US)
Review added on February 19, 2021
Just the worst..lagging reels, 1000s of spins in a row with no bonuses, when you do get one it's 9/10 going to be less than 10x your bet (if you win at all), constant disconnection. Super slow customer service, emails dont come through for "opt in" promos(them giving you) but never fail with advertisements (you giving them) just a horrible experience all around. Sad too because they do have some entertaining games.
Brooks (Location: US)
Review added on February 19, 2021
My experience? The worst. I have been playing for months, putting money in only, no cash out, no prices redeem, no Jackpots, playing almost every - single - day and they pay nothing. I did aaaaa title well at the beginning before been verified, after become verified I got nothing from them, nothing, only loses and loses. Lucky those that win 1 jackpot or more than 1, just amazing. If you don't get it at the beginning when you are a new player, forget it of get a jackpot here. Doesn't matter the amount of money you put in your account, doesn't matter how high your bet is, that will not make better your odds.
Jurek (Location: US)
Review added on February 15, 2021
I was playing a game where I was on a bonus and all pays were x2 and during the free plays I had gotten a five of a kind in chest and I had only received $2.50 when I should have received $15.00 so I had made a complaint and was giving the run around and was given excuses that didn't even pretain to the problem. So never got an answer and never got paid properly so ever since then I have been watching closely to them paying out and noticed how badly it was and it's sicking on how much they shorted me on paylines that I have even recorded this and it's sickening I would recommend not playing this sight they need to be dealt with.
Jason (Location: US)
Review added on February 11, 2021

Is Chumba casino legit?

Legal gambling activity is a mandatory criterion for a decent casino in the US or Canada market. This means a lot of fair and safe play for real money players.
is chumba casino legit?
Chumba Casino is a completely legal social casino!
In addition to games for gold coins, the casino offers its players to try a unique lottery model where you can profitably, quickly and safely exchange Swipes for real cash prizes for gamblers from the USA or Canada.
Thanks to cooperation with leading lawyers, Casino Chumba clearly follows the internal regulations and laws of the countries in whose jurisdictions it operates.

Chumba Casino is a social casino operated by VGW Malta Limited, a member of the VGW group.

Chumba casino support

chumba casino support
For players already registered in the system and having gaming activity, a live chat is available, as well as an individual support service. For most requests, just follow this link to send a request to Chumba casino customer service
request form to chumba casino support

Enjoy exclusive Chumba casino codes from us

chumba casino bonus codes
We are pleased to offer exclusive bonuses and special offers from the casino Сhumba for the readers of our website!
1) Bonus code: CHUMBA-LUCKY
$50 Gold Coin PACKAGE FOR $20
+ Bonus 5 Sweeps Coins Free On Signup

2) Bonus code: USA-CHUMBA
$10 Gold Coin PACKAGE FOR $5
+ 35 Free Spins
(only for USA players)

3) Bonus code: CA-CHUMBA
$30 Gold Coin PACKAGE FOR $10
+ Bonus 2 Sweeps Coins Free On Signup
(only for Canada players)

4) Bonus code: CHUMBA-2021
$25 Gold Coin PACKAGE FOR $7
+ Live games bonus

5) Bonus code: CHUMBA-LIKE

$150 Gold Coin PACKAGE FOR $45
+ Bonus 10 Sweeps Coins Free On Signup

Is Chumba casino a scam or not?

chumba casino scam check
Many people are worried about the question: is the Chumba casino real?
The answer is quite simple - of course! Chumba casino began providing gambling services for players from the USA and Canada already in 2017, and during this time has gained immense popularity. Chumba casino positions itself as a social casino and tries to build trusting relationships with its players, creating comfortable conditions for playing and a cozy atmosphere inside the casino. Chumba is definitely not a scam, which can be confirmed by a huge number of reviews on TrustPilot, one of the most authoritative company reviews on the Internet.

I read everything and want to start playing Chumba casino

Well, now that you are convinced that the casino Chumba is not a scam, but an honest casino with a rich history and many reviews from real players, you can go from our website directly to the official website and login or register an account. Good luck
chumba casino play
Here is the basic registration information about the casino Chumba as well as links to social networks
Copyright © 2002-2021 Chumba Casino. All rights reserved. Chumba Casino is owned and operated by VGW Malta Limited. All payments are processed by VGW Malta Limited. The sweepstakes promotions and prizes offered at Chumba Casino are operated by VGW Games Limited. The registered address of VGW Games Limited is 5-7 Matilda Court, Giuseppe Cali' Street, Ta' Xbiex, XBX 1423 Malta. VGW Games Limited is regulated and licensed by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).
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